Gypsy Vanner Stallion


               Live cover only, standing in Plymouth WI. No shipped semen.

                              ~Cremello roan gypsy vanner stallion~

                                                 4 yrs old

                                      ee,CrCr,nRn, PSSM1 N/N

               Shay is homozygous dilute so ALL his offspring will carry a cream gene!

You have a high chance of getting a palomino or buckskin & if your mare is homozygous for black you will get a smoky black but there is still a 50% chance it will be a blue roan given that Shay is also roan. If interested in color possibilities I recommend putting your mares color in the color probability chart (below) 


                  Carolans Cream X Baileys Cream (a Romeo son) great grandparents are Shambo & a daughter of the Lob

                                           14.3hh and well put together

                                                  Registered with GVHS 

                     Shay's fee's: Purebred gypsy, friesian, clydesdale or shire $1000.

                                     Other non feathered approved crosses $500.

On his first foal crop he sired two grulla foals (one is a grulla roan) two buckskin foals (one tested roan) one blue roan foal & one palomino foal. So far on his 2nd foal crop he's sired a grulla, a dunalino, a buckskin roan & a blue roan so atleast 50% offspring are roan. So far he had blue roan foals with my black EE mare both times!

Mare Care $5/day dry mares. Clydesdale & shires $10/day.

Credit card payments & bookings through paypal accepted, please e-mail if you would like a breeding contract.


 $100.00 booking fee due with breeding contract & remaining stallion service fee's due upon mares arrival!

                Shay pictured from 2 to 4 years old & his foals pictured below that.

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